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Michael Thannert


Michael Thannert is a CEO and entrepreneur, but that does not describe all there is to know about him. Michael adores the outdoors, and everything nature has to offer us. He hopes we’ll find the perfect blend between technology and nature someday. He hopes to help us along this path, and as such, this hope is one of the driving forces in his life.

Over the years, Michael Thannert has had plenty of opportunities to learn and collect experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, founded his own company, and started a family. As a family-driven man, all of these developments are deeply rooted in how he sees and interacts with the world. 

Michael Thannert founded WhizKids tech in April 2009. Whizkids Tech delivers high-impact, next-generation technologies solutions to clients, which include managed IT services, unified communication, and Cloud services. Part of Whizkids’ goal is to help other companies stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends, utilizing them to improve companies around the globe. As such, Michael Thannert and his team work hard to know these trends and stay ahead of the curve. As a company, they specialize in dealing with legal, healthcare, and ARC industries, though they have experience in several other sectors. As the founder and CEO, Michael Thannert is responsible for many critical roles within the company, including driving overall growth. One of Michael’s biggest priorities is ensuring that the multiple departments within the company have the tools necessary to communicate effectively and feel as if they are all one cohesive team. Other responsibilities of Michael’s include analyzing the business, watching for new trends, and ensuring that all services are of the highest quality available. 

There’s no denying that Michael Thannert has a significant interest in technology. In particular, he is passionate about AI and IoT (the Internet of Things). Likewise, Michael understands the importance of cybersecurity and other fundamental measures. However, Michael believes that technology and nature are not mutually exclusive. As such, he is also passionate about the great outdoors and everything it offers. He loves camping, hiking, golfing, running, grilling, and anything else that lets him spend time outside. Michael also adores animals – especially dogs and birds. Michael has countless opportunities to observe wildlife, such as birds, as a hiker in their natural habitat. It is such a unique and wonderful experience. These moments are what memories are made of, and Michael would love nothing more than to share this passion with the world. Other hobbies of Michael’s include yoga and cooking, though he’s willing to experiment with new sports and outdoor activities.

When Michael Thannert isn’t busy with work, he can likely be found spending time with his family – a wife and four children. Michale believes that integrity and family should be two of our biggest priorities in life, and he strives to set an example for his family. As such, he constantly works to improve himself, aiming for mastery in everything he does. 

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